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My Little Book Of Daily Feelings - The ultimate way for Children to understand and process their emotions as well as having some fun!

My Little Book Of Daily Feelings - The ultimate way for Children to understand and process their emotions as well as having some fun!

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What's this all about?   

How do we create a safe space for children to express their emotions and be vulnerable? It’s a pretty big question isn’t it and it’s one that often leaves me perplexed. I’ve tried to take this question and create (what i hope to be) a helpful solution. 

My little book of daily feelings is a combination of emotional expression and fun activities. The bright and inviting colours were deliberately designed to excite and motivate both boys and girls to complete each daily task for 31 days (one month). 

- Daily Feelings entry

- Body Check-in

- Daily Affirmation Statement 

- Mindful Breathing 

- Tomorrows Challenge 

- Join the dots, Mazes & Spot the Animal 


The problem (in my personal opinion) is finding a starting point to open up ‘the dreaded conversation’ of how we are feeling. It’s tricky. We’re not all good at it, are we? And that’s okay, change can be uncomfortable…but it’s worth it. 

I do need something from you. It’s important. At times, It may be hard for you to read about how your child is feeling. However, as their caregiver, I’d like you to allow your child the space to feel safe with the feelings they are sharing with you. Even if they are upset with something you said or did. This book is from their perspective and whether you agree with it or not, it is their truth.

Listening with an open heart and getting to the crux of any issues in a loving way… is golden. 

I genuinely believe that this book will open up ‘those’ types of conversations and allow deeper connections to be made. I truly hope it adds value to your life. 

The book will last for 31 days and each day has a double-page spread of activities. 

The book speaks to the child in a caring and playful manner. It is inspired by the PACE approach developed by Dr Dan Hughes. 


Book Information:

Pages: 69

Ages: 6-10

Size: 210 x 210cm 


Created for:

Gentle Parenting

Social Workers




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For ages 6-10 years 




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