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My Little Book Of Daily Feelings - Activity book - Your Child's 31-Day Journey to Emotional Discovery

My Little Book Of Daily Feelings - Activity book - Your Child's 31-Day Journey to Emotional Discovery

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Introducing "My Little Book of Daily Feelings": Your Child's Guide to Emotional Growth and Fun Learning

Creating Safe Spaces for Emotional Expression: The complexity of emotions can often be a maze for children. "My Little Book of Daily Feelings" emerges as a considerate solution, designed to encourage children to explore their feelings in a safe and nurturing space.

Engage, Learn, and Grow: This interactive activity book, suitable for ages 5-10, combines emotional discovery with fun-filled activities. Each page is vibrant with colours that captivate and motivate children, guiding them on a 31-day journey of self-discovery and emotional resilience.

  • Daily Feelings Journal: A space for children to articulate and reflect upon their emotions.
  • Body Check-In: Helps kids connect with their physical sensations and understand emotional cues.
  • Daily Affirmation Statement: Empowers children with positive self-talk and confidence.
  • Mindful Breathing: Introduces calming techniques for stress relief.
  • Tomorrow's Challenge: Encourages personal growth and bravery.
  • Interactive Activities: Including join-the-dots, mazes, and spot the animal challenges.

Addressing the Challenge of Communication: Starting conversations about feelings can be daunting. This book acts as a gentle bridge for those important discussions, helping to cultivate open and honest dialogue between children and their caregivers.

A Tool for Caregivers: We understand the emotional weight of seeing your child navigate vulnerabilities. This book advocates for a supportive approach, emphasising the importance of listening with an open heart and responding with love and understanding.

Inspired by PACE: Drawing upon the principles of the PACE approach by Dr. Dan Hughes, this book speaks directly to children in a caring and engaging manner, promoting a secure and empathic framework for emotional development.

Book Information:

  • Pages: 67 (Lasts 31 days)
  • Target Age Group: 5-10 years
  • Dimensions: 210 x 210 cm

Ideal for: Gentle Parenting Advocates, Social Workers, SENCOs, ELSAs, and any caregiver looking to enrich a child's emotional literacy.

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