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A Sky Full of Emotions: My World Book Day Adventure


The music was on point!

Walking up to St Andrews Primary School, the vibe was set to brilliant right from the get-go. Greeted by the tunes of "You're Welcome" from the Disney film Moana, I couldn't help but stride in with a grin. The day was already looking up, and with my shiny visitor's badge in place, I was all set for an adventure.

Perched in reception, the butterflies in my stomach were doing somersaults. But hey, isn't a bit of anticipation part of the fun? Today was going to be special—I could feel it in my bones.

The talks began...

The morning was divided into two unforgettable sessions with some of the coolest kids around. And then, in the second group, my nephew made his grand appearance - dressed in his Messi football get up (and wearing shorts when it was freezing cold!). Was he embarrassed? Probably. But that's what cool aunties are for, right? To make you laugh and cringe in equal measure. As he walked in I whispered "Don't worry, ill pretend I don't know you" haha! He's so cute though, love him so much! 

Reading 'Find my happy' 


First up, "Find My Happy" took centre stage. Reading this story aloud, I watched as eyes widened and imaginations took flight. But the real magic kicked off with our sky exercise—picture this: a bunch of kids conjuring up skies filled with emotions and colours, turning the classroom into a kaleidoscope of feelings.

Our internal weather report

We talked clouds and colours, learning that it's okay for a few grey patches to roll into our blue skies now and then. And the wisdom these kids shared? Pure gold. From heartfelt talks with friends and family to a brave boy admitting his sky was a bit grey from a lack of zzz's, it was honesty at its finest. And let's not forget the legend who claimed his sky was green—comedy gold!

Our Happy Place

Then, we ventured into exploring our happy places. It was remarkable to see the openness as everyone shared their favourite spots for finding joy—whether it was the calm of the beach, the quiet of their back gardens, or the simple comfort of their beds, each answer brought a smile and a light-hearted chuckle from the group.

The end of the session

As our time together wound down, the Q&A session turned into a mini-masterclass. These little philosophers had questions about writing, publishing, and even quizzed me on my literary faves. Talk about ending on a high note!

Reflecting on the day, I'm buzzing with joy. Stepping out of my comfort zone has never been more exhilarating or more hilarious. It was a day packed with giggles, "aha" moments, and the kind of fun that sticks with you.

A massive thank you!

A massive shoutout to Tash for the invite and to St Andrews Primary School for the warmest of welcomes. This wasn't just a school visit; it was a celebration of imagination, connection, and the pure joy of sharing stories.

Here's to more adventures that push us out of our comfort zones and into the fantastic world of storytelling and laughter. St Andrews Primary, you're amazing! Thanks again. 

What a life! 



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