COPE WITH ANGER💥 Discover the Magic of Angry Balloons! 🎈 **FOR AGES 5-11**


Join me in this engaging video tailored for kids aged 5-11 as we dive into the world of emotions, specifically focusing on anger. We'll explore what anger is and introduce a practical exercise called 'Angry Balloons' that helps children effectively manage and release their anger. This exercise is a hands-on, enjoyable way for kids to gain control over their emotions, making it an invaluable resource for young minds seeking to understand and cope with anger. If you would like to skip to specific sections, please find the timestamps below. 36.8 - What is Anger? 59.2 - What does it feel like? 1.47 - Let's get started! 2.17 - What Causes Angry Emotions? 3.00 - Noticing our thoughts 3.22 - Let's start writing! 4.05 - You are the hero of your own story