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Little Harper Heart: A Rhyming Children's Book About People Pleasing for Ages 4-8

Little Harper Heart: A Rhyming Children's Book About People Pleasing for Ages 4-8

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Thank you for the correction! Let's adjust the description to reflect Scruffy Bear's gender correctly:

Discover the Heartwarming Tale of Harper Heart and Scruffy Bear

What's This Story About? Meet Little Harper Heart, a kind-hearted girl who always tries to make everyone happy, sometimes forgetting about her own joy. Uh-oh, sounds like a pickle, doesn't it?

A New Friend Appears: Just when Harper feels a bit lost, she meets Scruffy Bear, a teddy bear like no other. Scruffy Bear is not just any teddy; she's a wise and understanding friend, ready to share a hug and some wisdom. She's about to teach Harper a very important lesson.

Learning to Say No: With gentle words and a comforting embrace, Scruffy Bear shows Harper that it's okay to say no sometimes. Saying no doesn't make you mean; it makes you mindful of your own needs. And guess what? When Harper embraces this lesson, she discovers the joy of freedom and the fun of following her own heart!

Perfect for Young Readers: Tailored for children aged 4 to 8 years, this tale is a delightful exploration of self-care, friendship, and the importance of balancing our own happiness with the happiness of others.

Embark on an enchanting journey with Harper Heart and her insightful friend, Scruffy Bear, as they navigate the adventures of emotional understanding and the strength found in kindness to oneself. A must-read for little ones learning the value of self-love and the courage to say no with kindness.

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