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Hit Pause on Anger: A Friendly Nudge from Someone Who Gets It

Hey there,

So, you’re navigating the high seas of parenting, and from where I’m standing (or sitting with a cuppa), it looks like an epic saga. And in epics, there’s always a dragon or two. In the parenting realm, let’s call our dragon ‘Anger’. It swoops down when you’re least expecting it, breathing fire over plans and patience.

I may not have kids leaving toy traps for me, but I know what it’s like when the red mist descends. We’ve all got our dragons, right? Whether it’s work mayhem, the daily grind, or yes, even that family group chat (you know the one). Here's what I’ve found that might just help when the dragon comes knocking:

1. The Breather:
I’ve heard this one’s a classic for a reason. It’s like hitting the pause button when your favourite tune gets interrupted. Just one solid, deep breath. It’s not about banishing the dragon. It’s about giving you a moment to not get burnt.

2. The Dance-Off:
Got a favourite track that gets you grooving? Perfect. Let that rhythm take over for a minute or two. It’s a bit like challenging the dragon to a dance-off. And trust me, dragons have got two left feet.

3. The Mini Escape:
You don't need to be a Houdini to master the art of the escape. Sometimes, just stepping out for a quick gulp of fresh air or locking yourself in the bathroom with a chapter of your current read can do wonders. It’s about switching up the scenery for a mood refresh.

No pretence here, just a friend sharing what works in the hope that it might just work for you too. Let’s tame those dragons together, shall we?

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