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I feel Anxious! Ages 8-11 - Helping kids cope: A gentle approach to managing anxious emotions

I feel Anxious! Ages 8-11 - Helping kids cope: A gentle approach to managing anxious emotions

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Introducing Dandy Landy Books ‘I Feel Anxious’ Activity Book - a must-have resource for children aged 8-11, created specifically for professionals in the fields of social work, SENCOs, ELSAs, and other child-centric professions, as well as parents and guardians who want to understand their children's emotions better.

With 43 pages of interactive activities, this book is designed to help professionals gather vital information about a child's life in a fun and engaging way. Each page is filled with eye-catching illustrations and engaging activities, designed to capture the child's attention and make the experience enjoyable.

At Dandy Landy Books, I believe in bridging the gap between trauma happening and its resolution. This book has been created with that mission in mind. By encouraging children to explore and understand their emotions, this activity book aims to help them overcome their struggles and build resilience.

Whether you're a professional in the child welfare field or a parent looking for gentle parenting techniques, "I Feel Anxious" is the perfect tool to help children develop healthy emotional habits that will serve them well throughout their lives.


Book Information:

Pages: 43

Material: Recycled & Recyclable paper

Ages: 8-11

Size: A4 Book


Created for:

Gentle Parenting

Social Workers




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